The World of PR

The World of PR

By: Avery Strause 10/03/2024

Journey into the realm of public relations as it pertains to politics, print, and health. Sangeeta Waldron, Renowned Author, and PR and Media Expert, shares insight into her experience with these three topics within PR.

Sangeeta Waldron’s journey through the diverse landscape of PR offers a valuable perspective on the evolution of communication strategies. From political intricacies to corporate dynamics, her experiences provide a roadmap for aspiring PR professionals and insights into the ever-changing nature of the industry. Sangeeta’s wisdom encourages us to steer with kindness, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

PR in Politics

The avenues to be creative in PR are endless, politics are always around, and ideas are always changing. Whether being involved in PR for government agencies or corporate companies’ political matters will continue to be at the forefront. The outlets for shifting jobs without needing an entirely new skill set are immense. Sangeeta is a great example of continuing with politics but shifting her focus. She has worked with speechwriting for the UK Prime minister, working for a not-for-profit organization where she launched the first victim support helpline and creatively worked for an Entrepreneurial company.

PR in Print

Fake news is constantly surrounding us. Many platforms that people tune into contribute to the use of fake news. Social media and news channels are using fake news to promote a topic so believable that it allows their agenda to be pushed, while also gaining followers along the way. It is important for users of these platforms to know what is right and wrong, and where to find trustworthy sources. Fake news is so prominent even journalists struggle to be able to validate facts when fake news is constantly being spread.

Sangeeta’s latest contribution to the PR landscape – “The PR Knowledge Book.” Focused on publicity and public relations, the book addresses contemporary challenges, including the ever-relevant topic of fake news.

PR in Health

Sangeeta emphasizes the need for diversity working in PR. She states, “The world is global, people want to feel they are engaged with the CEO, Business leaders, or with the brand.” Creating a more diverse environment welcomes new ideas, cultural sensitivity, and drives more people to want to work for the company. Having a space where employees feel their ideas are valued drives harder work, which in turn creates content that people from around the globe will be interested in.


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Note: This blog is based on an interview between our director Ellen Gunning and Sangeeta Waldron, Author and PR and media professional, which was first broadcast on the Mediascope programme on 103.2 Dublin City fm. You can listen to the full interview here on Spotify

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