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Whether you are a digital marketing expert, a media student or a public relations consultant, your job undoubtedly includes the use of more and more online tools. The Internet changes fast, and it can be hard to adapt to this new digital world. This course in Digital Marketing for PR may be the answer to your problems.

Research shows that millennials are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs and social networking than the generations that came before them. Consequently, you need to go beyond the world of press releases and traditional advertising to manage a compelling online presence. Digital marketing will allow you to not only maintain a good relationship with your current customers, but also to expand your audience further than ever before. Not to mention that these online strategies are often very cost effective!

Ready to enter the modern PR, media and communications world? Then dive into the world of SEO, social media and crisis management with our Digital Marketing for PR course.

What should I expect from this course?

Over the course of a series of short modules, you will learn:

  • The differences between traditional and digital PR
  • Why your business needs digital PR
  • What SEO is and why it matters
  • All the steps to leading a successful digital PR campaign on any budget
  • About many resources to fully take your business into the digital sphere

What is the PR Training Academy?

The PR Training Academy was created by Ellen Gunning, who has been working in the PR industry for over 25 years. With her experience and a team of industry experts, the Academy delivers tailored courses for professionals to stay on top of trends.

Our annual membership subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited access to small courses that you can study from anywhere in your own time
  • Interactive content that promotes smooth learning
  • Access to all our courses with a membership
  • A team of professionals to mentor you
  • Certification upon course completion

Not feeling like Digital Marketing for PR is the thing you need to specialise in right now? No problem. Check out our range of other courses, and pick something that suits you or your business more.

Course Content

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Section 1: What is digital PR?
Section 2: Digital vs Traditional PR
Section 3: What does digital PR involve?
Section 4: Why Your Business Needs Digital PR
Section 5: How PR professionals use social media
Section 6: 5 Ways Digital Marketing Changed PR
Section 7: What is SEO?
Section 8: Content Marketing and Repurposing Content
Section 9: The Digital PR Campaign
Section 10: A Digital PR Campaign On A Budget
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