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facebook and instagram for business

A lot has certainly changed about Facebook since its creation in 2004. What started out as a website to find old friends has become an easy way to pass the time on a mobile phone, a news source and even a dating app. With its ever-expanding versatility, Facebook is fully aware of its power as the most popular social network on the Internet. Every business owner out there would consequently benefit from paying attention to the platform’s marketing abilities.

However, not everyone is born tech-savvy, and taking full advantage of Facebook’s potential for businesses can be difficult. Even if you are satisfied with your strategy’s results, you may now find yourself confused with the added difficulty of managing Instagram. The network’s increasingly popular sister platform attracts a different audience and demands a different approach, which can undoubtedly get confusing.

Do you need to start from the very beginning and get some much needed guidance while creating your profile? Or are you perhaps searching for new, up-to-date info to improve your current strategy? In any case, this Facebook and Instagram for business course is for you.

What should I expect from this course?

This course will walk you through:

  • The steps to creating a business page on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ways to understand and use the algorithm to your advantage
  • The types of content that will put you above your competitors and ways to promote your posts
  • Different tools you can use to target your ideal audience, promote your content and analyse your results
  • Specificities to keep in mind when using Instagram and developing a social media strategy for it

At the end of the course, you will be offered a list of resources to dig deeper if you need to. Additionally, you will be able to complete a quiz to test your knowledge and submit an assignment for expert feedback.

What is the PR Training Academy?

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Not feeling like Facebook and Instagram for business is the thing you need to specialise in right now? No problem. Check out our range of other courses, and pick something that suits you or your business more.

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