How To Write A Press Release

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how to write a press release

In the world of public relations, working with journalists is key. And amongst all methods of communications to master, few are as important as the press release.

If you have been working in PR for a long time, you are probably already familiar with this type of document. It is undeniably a way to establish a strong relationship with media, as well as gain your audience’s trust. Coupled with the fact that brand credibility has been proven to be one of the key factors that a consumer considers before making a purchase, press releases are nowhere near ready to go out of style.

Yet the world of PR is not the same as it was twenty years ago, and keeping up with changes in the industry can be difficult. You may need to remind yourself of the basics; for instance, how to structure a written press release. On the other hand, you may be wondering what changes social media have been bringing to the field. No matter your situation, this course on how to write a press release will help you.

What should I expect from this course?

This course will help you know all there is to know to craft the perfect press release. You will learn:

  • The definition of a press release and what its purpose is
  • What news is and its different categories
  • What questions to ask yourself to make a great press release and how to structure your information
  • How to use language to your advantage
  • How to distribute a press release through traditional and digital means
  • The impact of social media on press releases

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Course Content

Section 1: What is a Press Release?
Section 2: What is news?
Section 3: Soft News & Hard News
Section 4: The 5Ws & H Format
Section 5: The Format of a Press Release
Section 6: Words and Language
Section 7: Distribution of a Press Release
Section 8: The Social Media Press Release
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