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Being a good journalist is not something that can be improvised. Above all, you need to be full of resources and curiosity. What’s more, you also need to be an excellent communicator to share your stories with the world. Having contacts and discipline is important; but you also need to have a way with words.

If you are planning a career in journalism, making sure that you are skilled at journalistic writing is undeniably essential. Not to mention that, with the advent of online and social media, what you need to know to stay up to date is constantly changing. In other words, you need a bit of guidance – and that’s something we can help with.

Our course in journalistic writing will cover everything you need to know about writing for newspapers and multimedia platforms. Whether you are starting out or want to transfer your prior knowledge to opinion pieces or blog writing, this course is for you.

What should I expect from this course?

This course aims to give you the necessary contextual knowledge and practical skills to become an expert in journalistic writing. Over the course of six modules, you will learn:

  • What journalism is and its history
  • The specificities of multimedia journalism and other types of journalism
  • The links between journalism and social media use
  • How to write an opinion piece through a detailed case study

Furthermore, at the end of the course you will have the opportunity to complete a quiz designed by our team of experts. You will also have the option to send an assignment for review from our panel of industry experts.

What is the PR Training Academy?

The PR Training Academy was created by Ellen Gunning, who has been working in the PR industry for over 25 years. With her experience and a team of industry experts, the Academy delivers tailored courses for professionals to stay on top of trends.

Our annual membership subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited access to small courses that you can study from anywhere in your own time
  • Interactive content that promotes smooth learning
  • Access to all our courses with a membership
  • team of professionals to mentor you
  • Certification upon course completion

Not feeling like journalistic writing is the thing that you need to learn right now? No problem. Check out our range of other courses to find something that suits you more.

Course Content

Section 1: What is Journalism?
Section 2: The History of Journalism
Section 3: Multimedia Journalism
Section 4: Journalism and Social Media
Section 5: Types of Journalism
Section 6: Writing Opinion Pieces
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