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The list of reasons to start a blog is endless. For instance, you may want to promote your business, share your personal expertise or use it as an opportunity to network. Blogs are correspondingly the most popular form of content marketing in today’s world. Regardless of your motivation, you may need guidance to get started.

Blogs allow us to share stories and connect with an audience. However, simply being a good writer is not necessarily enough to be a good blogger. You will firstly need to know how to structure your posts, then where to host them. Furthermore, you will need to take into serious consideration the promotion of your posts and find a niche.

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Our course will teach you know everything there is to know about writing a blog.

What should I expect from this course?

This course aims to give you all the information you need to write a successful blog. By its end, you will:

  • Fully understand what blogs are and why they matter to you and businesses
  • Know how to structure a blog
  • Find tips on how to stick to a writing routine
  • Understand who your niche audience is and how to keep their attention
  • Analyze statistics and feedback to keep growing your blog

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to produce an assignment that our expert team will review. This new knowledge will put you ahead of competitors in the PR, media and communications industry.

What is the PR Training Academy?

The PR Training Academy was created by Ellen Gunning, who has been working in the PR industry for over 25 years. With her experience and a team of industry experts, the Academy delivers tailored courses for professionals to stay on top of trends.

Our annual membership subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited access to small courses that you can study from anywhere in your own time
  • Interactive content that promotes smooth learning
  • Access to all our courses with a membership
  • team of professionals to mentor you
  • Certification upon course completion


Not feeling like writing a blog is the thing you need to specialise in right now? No problem. Check out our range of other courses, and pick something that suits you or your business more.

Course Content

Section 1: What is a blog?
Section 2: How to get started
Section 3: How to start writing
Section 4: How To Structure A Blog
Section 5: Types of Blogs
Section 6: Promoting Your Blog
Section 7: Growing your audience
Section 8: What to do next
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