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I have been selected as the 8th most influential CSR leader (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the world, for the 3rd year running. Honestly, I’m deeply honoured.

CSR is one of the foundation steps of any ethical company. I passionately believe that corporate bodies have a responsibility to engage with society for the betterment of all.

I’m not delusional. I know that the primary function of any business is to make enough profit to sustain itself, provide a good service to its customers, and pay employees a fair wage.

Profits bring responsibilities with them. Partly, a responsibility to re-invest for the future of the business, and partly a responsibility (broadly) to “give something back”.

Each company will approach CSR from their own perspective, but most will become involved in charitable work, community endeavours, or sponsorships. These initiatives are past of Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives (ESG) which companies now report on annually.

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