5 Elements to Include in a Crisis Statement.

5 elements to include in a crisis statement.

When a crisis happens, there are certain things that are given:

  • The crisis will happen at the most inconvenient time;
  • It will gain traction quicker than you believed possible;
  • It will shock and worry internal and external stakeholders;
  • It will need an immediate response.

Very often the first step in responding to a crisis is to issue a statement. Here are the5 elements which should always be included in a crisis statement:

  1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge what has happened. Be as factual as you can. Issue as much information as you can. Do not speculate.

  1. Empathise

Empathise with those caught up in the crisis which, most likely, is not of their making.

  1. Values

Re-iterate the values of your company, e.g. “we respect the individuality of all employees” / “we put our customers’ safety first at all times”.

  1. Approach

Outline the approach that you propose to take which will mitigate the crisis and begin to restore ‘normality’.

  1. Commitment

Give a commitment to update regularly until the situation is resolved. Give a commitment relevant to the crisis e.g.  we will work tirelessly to restore confidence / we will pursue all legal avenues open to us to recover these funds.

Note: These 5 steps were from a CMA webinar given by Helio Fred Garcia from the Logos Institute.

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