Demise of Journalism

The demise of respect for journalists 

Sean Quinn is a well-known Irish businessman who built, and lost, the Quinn empire now re-branded as Mannok. . In September of this year (2023) his memoir “In my Own Words” was published by Red Stripe and launched in the Slieve Russel Hotel in Co. Cavan. 

 Media Interview 

Before the book launch, Quinn had undertaken a series of media interviews, one of which was with Maeve Sheehan, a well-established journalist with the Sunday Independent newspaper. Quinn got agitated and aggressive during the interview, accused Sheehan of “talking shite” and later apologised for his behaviour. 


Book Launch 

When his book was launched, his solicitor Chris McGettigan spoke about the incident and took a swipe at Maeve saying “Maeve has tried to make this book about herself. But all I can say is don’t take yourself too seriously mate, because nobody else does”.  

His other comment was about journalism in general. He said “disinformation and coprophilia set a lot of scandals and are big sins of journalism”. The word ‘coprophilia’ was new to me, so I looked it up. It is defined as “intense interest and pleasure in faeces and defecation”.  


The very reason for the existence of journalism is to spread information, investigate, offer insight, encourage discourse and give people facts on which to base decisions. Disinformation and fake news have no place in reputable journalism, and this type of commentary should have no place at a book launch! 

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