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Ongoing professional development puts you and your staff ahead of the curve and keeps you on top of changes in the fast-paced world of communications. If you work in this area, it is vital that you keep your skillset up to date. We are here to ensure that you have all the resources you need to stay on top of your career. 

Who are we?

The PR Training Academy creates a range of self-taught online courses in communications. Above all, our goal is to teach you valuable skills, enhance your career and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our courses are a combination of specially created video, audio and text. Additionally, there is an opportunity for feedback to ensure that you have mastered the key course skills. 

Your subscription gives you access to cutting-edge training which we constantly update and enhance. You will also have immediate access to all of our current courses and all new courses that we publish within the year of your membership.

What can I expect?

Our courses are a combination of specially created video, audio and reading materials. The average completion time is three hours for the entire course. This allows members to access specific aspects of each course and return as often as needed throughout the year to extract further information. Our engaging quizzes ensure that the key elements are absorbed and our assignment option provides professional advice on how to apply these skills. 

You can find a complete list of our courses here.

What are the benefits of a PR Training Academy membership?

A training resource that is accessible 24/7 providing you with:

  • Access to a team of industry mentors who are on hand to answer your queries
  • Industry networking opportunities

The PR Training Academy is specifically designed to provide bite-sized training, suitable for our current way of living. We provide courses that are “Just in Time, Just Enough, Just for YOU”.  

Created by PR professionals for PR professionals. A membership with the Academy will keep you abreast of changing trends in the industry. 

Convinced that the PR Training Academy membership is for you? Purchase it now for €215 per quarter.