Imposter Syndrome


I’m fascinated by the very idea of Imposter Syndrome and really looking forward to this month’s masterclass, delivered on this topic, by Aoife O’Brien. 

Probably my favourite definition of Imposter Syndrome is that it is: a behavioural health phenomenon described as self-doubt of intellect, skills, or accomplishments among high-achieving individuals. 

What fascinates me about this is that it happens to ‘high achieving individuals. I could understanding an imposter feeling if you find yourself in a role without sufficient training or are surrounded by a group who have much more experience in an area than you do. Some people are just not strong in particular areas, like math and may feel exposed when dealing with figures. But that is not the case with this condition. Imposter Syndrome happens to people who are on top of their game, are well capable of achieving the goals that they have been set, and would be regarded as ‘expert’ by their peers. 

I’m looking forward to finding out more about what causes this syndrome and how we can eliminate it and, crucially, help others to eliminate it from their minds. 

Our masterclass webinar will be held next Thursday 26th October at 4pm IST. It is totally free to attend. If you’re interested to learning more about this topic and how to deal with it, join us for Understanding Imposter Syndrome with Aoife O’Brien of Happier at Work. Book your  ticket here



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